Pedro Adao: Founder of Crush It With Challenges

Since the first release of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula back in 2005, nothing has come close to the revolution it caused in the Internet Marketing scene.

Until now…

Meet Pedro Adao and Crush it With Challenges, his Online Challenges have helped thousands of mission-driven entrepreneurs go from just being a Marketer to a Movement Maker.

Pedro’s Crush it with Challenges Method has made it possible to quickly turn cold prospects into hot customers.

Pedro Adao recently finished his 5 Day Movement Maker Challenge, and if you weren’t able to participate in it, I have great news for you.

Very soon you will have the opportunity to participate in Jason Fladlien’s Unite Challenge

Come back often so you are one of the first to sign up to the Unite Challenge.

Who is Pedro Adao

Crush it with Challenges

Pedro Adao is a 5-time qualifier for the ClickFunnels 2 comma club award winner, Leaderboard topping affiliate marketer, Founder of the 100X Academy, and Creator of The Crush It With Challenges Program.

Pedro is best known for helping entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale their business with the power of free and paid challenges. 

Pedro has impacted tens of thousands of entrepreneurs by delivering his expertise in over 98 countries… and is now known as Pedro the Challenge Guy Adao.

How Pedro Became The Challenge Guy

In about 18 months, exclusively on the back of online challenges, Pedro has been able to launch his dream business from scratch and earn multiple seven-figures.

In his most recent 4:14 Challenge, he brought in over 20,000 people from 98 countries. This free challenge was also his biggest and most profitable 7-figure challenge, delivering massive value and impact.

Not only is Pedro a challenge genius, but he’s mastered the art of movement maker marketing – the ability to create a culture of connection and community so his participants experience massive results. 

His latest challenge is…

The 5-Day Movement Maker Challenge

5 day movement maker challenge

Currently he is running the 5 day Movement maker challenge that invites successful mission-driven entrepreneurs to start their journey into mastery of the movement marketing methods.

This is a 5 day live and highly-interective challenge where pedro adao shares the exact steps he took to launch, grow and scale his movement-based business from zero to #1 in his niche by crushing it with challenges.

As an expert to experts, Pedro is routinely called upon by brilliant entrepreneurs and marketers for consulting and strategic guidance on how to design, and implement a challenge as part of their marketing strategy.

If you weren’t able to join the 5-day Movement Maker Challenge with Pedro Adao, I have a treat for you…

Jason Fladlien's Unite Challenge

I just learned that you will be able to participate in Jason Fladlien’s Unite Challenge, a live, interactive community 100% FREE

In case you don’t know Jason, he is a long time Internet Marketer, He’s been responsible for over 100 Million Dollars in sales in Webinars and is behind many of the well know Gurus coaching and consulting with them so they can achieve the results the y do.

Something I learned from Jason is that most of what we expect to happen, that doesn’t, is because of our mindset and mentality, but the good news that it is totally in our control and we can fix.

That brings me to the next question.

Why should you attend Jason’s 7 day Unite Challenge?

If you are ready do make a change in your life and take control of your future, this is the right place to be.

I know change is hard, and most of us would rather stay the same and be miserable, rather than embracing change and enjoying what it can provide us.

Now more than ever we must step away from “stay the same” because the world around us has drastically changed and we have to do something about our life.

If you are able to attend Jason’s 7 day unite challenge, you will have no other option than to change! And change for the better.

Click here to join the Unite Challenge, here you’ll find more details of what all will be covered in it.

Richard Osterude

Richard Osterude

Richard has been marketing online for the past 23 years helping businesses and entrepreneurs generate more sales and revenue online. He has 6 years experience as the eCommerce manager of the larges airline in Central America and has supported multiple 7 figure launches with their technical integration. His specialty is to connect the technical aspects to the marketing to generate measurable results.

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